Each stage of life has unique challenges in regard to relationships, and no matter where you are in life we have a class for you.



ELEVATE is a brand new couples education program that blends 7 practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction (the heart-brain-behavior connection). Get skills to help manage stress and reduce conflict. Learn how to relax, get to know each other more deeply, and make your relationship something you look forward to every day!



Relationship Smarts is a program that has two versions, one for teens and another for adults.  In this class participants learn what true love really is, how to build healthy relationships, how to handle breakups, what to look for to make sure you will not be abused in relationships, relationship skills, cohabitation, and what is best for children.


FoundationsImageCouples Connecting Mindfully (CCM) is a evidence-informed curriculum, emphasizes stress management, emotion regulation, key relationship skills for couples, and mindfulness-based stress reduction skills. Strategies for negotiating differences around parenting and financial management infused into modules.



TWCImageTogether We Can (TWC) is a program for people who find themselves in a co-parenting relationship.  In this class participants learn how to parent together with someone else, be that a friend, relative, or former romantic partner.  This is a great curriculum for couples who have one or more children together but are no longer romantically involved, however it is equally beneficial for anyone in any co-parenting relationship.




Smart Steps is a program for couples who are in a step family situation.  In this class participants learn how to navigate the unique challenges that go along with effectively creating a family in which both parents are not the biological parents of all of the children.